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Kerala Psc IT and Cyber Laws Previous Questions and Answers Part 1     Kerala Psc IT and Cyber Laws Previous Questions and Answers Part 1(Range Forest Officer 2016, Junior Employment officer 2017, Secretariat Assistant 2018, Assistant Grade 2018, Block panchayat secretary 2018, Finance Assistant for SC ST 2015)
1) FPI  stands for (Range Forest Officer 2016)
A)Faults per inch     B) Frames per inch    C)Figure per inch     D)Film per inch
2) Which one of the following is not a web browser? (Range Forest Officer 2016)
A)Apple safari     B)K-Meleon     C)Zapya     D)Camino
3)The term 'virus' stands for? (Range Forest Officer 2016)
A)Viral information Resource Under Siege     B)Viral information Resource Under Seize     C)Vital Information Resource Under Seize     D)Vital Information Resource Under Siege
4) The protocol used for e-mail service is? (Range Forest Officer 2016)
5) Who is the CEO of Whatsapp? (Range Forest Officer 2016)
A)Jan Koum     B)Mark Zuckerberg     C)Jack Dorsey     D)Sundar Pichai
6)Forgery of an e-mail header so that the message appears to have originated from someone or somewhere other than the actual source is known as?(Range Forest Officer 2016)
A)E-mail Spamming     B)E-mail Jamming     C)E-mail Spoofing     D)None of these
7) Which one of the following is not a microprocessor manufacturing company? (Range Forest Officer 2016)
A)AMD     B)Microsoft     C)IBM     D)Intel
8) To Process data, Computer use? (Range Forest Officer 2016)
A)High-level Language     B)Machine Language     C)Assembly Language     D)All the above
9) Which one of the following is not an operating system  (Junior Employment officer 2017)
A)Safari     B)Android     C)Macintosh     D)Linux
10) The computer which stores the different web pages is called (Junior Employment officer 2017)
A)Service Provider     B)Web Browser     C)Web server     D)Terminal
11) The very high-speed semiconductor memory which can speed up CPU is? (Junior Employment officer 2017)
A)Main Memory     B)Cache Memory     C)Primary Memory     D)Secondary Memory
12)The section which provides punishment for sending offensive messages through communication services? (Junior Employment officer 2017)
A)Section 66 A    B)Section 66B     C)Section 66C     D)Section 66D
13) IBM stands for? (Junior Employment officer 2017)
A)Integrated Business Machine     B)Internal Business Machine     C)Indian Business Machine     D)International Business Machine
14) One nibble is equal to? (Junior Employment officer 2017)
A)2 bits     B)4 bits     C)8 bits     D)16 bits
15)'Sleep' in computers refers to? (Junior Employment officer 2017)
A)Restart the computer in safe mode     B)Restart the computers in normal mode     C)Shutdown the computer terminating all the running applications     D)Shutdown the computer without closing the running applications
16) Who is the founder of Whatsapp? (Junior Employment officer 2017)
A)Brain Acton and Tim cook    B)Brain Acton and Mark Zuckerberg     C)Brain Acton Jan Koum     D)Jan Koum and Tim cook
17) Which of the following comes under cybercrime? (Secretariat Assistant 2018)
A)IPR     B)Plagiarism     C)Pornography     D)All the above
18) In computer Logical operations are performed by?  (Secretariat Assistant 2018)
A)Control Unit     B)ALU     C)Primary Memory     D)CPU
19) -----------is a volatile memory? (Secretariat Assistant 2018)
A)SRAM     B)DRAM     C)Both (A) and (B)    D)None of these
20)Which protocol is used in WWW? (Secretariat Assistant 2018)
A)PPP     B)TP     C)FTP     D)HTTP
21) Expand GUI (Secretariat Assistant 2018)
A)Graphical User Instance     B)Graphical User Intermediate     C)Graphical User Interface     D)Graphical Used Instance
22) IC chips used in which generation of computers? (Secretariat Assistant 2018)
A)Second Generation     B)Third Generation     C)Fourth Generation     D)Both (A) and (B)
23)Microsoft PowerPoint is an example of (Secretariat Assistant 2018)
A)Operating System     B)Display Device     C)Application Software     D)System Software
24) Website is a collection of?  (Secretariat Assistant 2018)
A)Webpage    B)HTML Page     C)Both (A) and (B)    D)HTTP Page
25)Bing is a? (Secretariat Assistant 2018)
A)Website     B)Business software     C)Search engine     D)Social Media
26)The brain of Computer System is  (Assistant Grade 2018)
A)Arithmetic and Logic unit     B)Central Processing Unit     C)Peripheral Devices     D)Control Unit
A)Optical Mark Reader     B)Punch Card Reader     C)Optical Scanners     D)Plotter
28) The term pishing is  (Assistant Grade 2018)
A)An attempt for unauthorized access to a user's system by pretending to be the user     B)An attempt to obtain sensitive information from the computer system     C)The process of sending the same message to a large number of interacting users.     D)None of the above
29) IT Act in India was amended in (Assistant Grade 2018)
A)2004  B)2006     C)2011     D)2008
30)'url' stands for  (Assistant Grade 2018)
A)Uniform Resource Locator     B)Universe reform Locator     C)Uniform reform Locator     D)Universe Resource Locator
31) Which of the following programming language is classified as Low-level language? (Assistant Grade 2018)
32) DES Stands for?  (Assistant Grade 2018)
A)Digital Evaluation system     B)Digital Encryption system     C)Digital Encryption standard     D)Digital Evaluation standard
33) The program that monitors users activity on internet and transmit that information in background to somewhere else is termed as?  (Assistant Grade 2018)
A)Spyware     B)Adware     C)Malware     D)firmware
34) The process of recovering deleted and damaged files from criminal's computers comes under?  (Assistant Grade 2018)
A)Computer Animation     B)Computer Graphics     C)Computer Forensics     D)Computer Organisations
35)HTML is an acronym for?  (Assistant Grade 2018)
A)Hyper Ton Machine Language     B) Hyper Transfer Machine Language    C)Hyper Text Markup Language     D)Hyper Transfer Markup Language
36) The set programs used to control booting of a computer is stored in?  (Assistant Grade 2018)
A)RAM     B)ROM    C)Hard disk     D)Mother board
37) 1 KB memory means?  (Block panchayat secretary 2018)
A)1028 bytes     B)1028 bits     C)1024 bits     D)1024 bytes
38)Which of the following is system software? (Block panchayat secretary 2018)
A)Operating system     B)Compiler     C)Divice drivers     D)All the above
39) Which among the following is not a DBMS? (Block panchayat secretary 2018)
A)MS Access     B)Fox Pro     C)Java     D)SQL Server
40) The user files in a computer can be permanently stored in ?(Block panchayat secretary 2018)
A)ROM     B)RAM     C)Hard Disk     D)All the above
41) A computer used in Internet is identified using its ? (Block panchayat secretary 2018)
A)IP Address     B)Virtual Address     C)DNS     D)HTTP
42) High level computer Language is?(Block panchayat secretary 2018)
A)Is used by IT Professionals only     B)Used by Government sector only     C)Privately used by a Group of Administrators     D)Can be used by any computer user
43) Microsoft word is (Block panchayat secretary 2018)
A)A free software     B)A software used for creating letters and documents     C)A software used for drawing     D)Is not software
44) The component which supplies adequate power for motherboard of a computer is ? (Block panchayat secretary 2018)
A)Switched mode power supply     B)Direct power supply     C)Regulated power supply     D)CMOS Power chip
45) The speed of a computer can be expressed in terms of Hertz because
A)It is the microprocessor chip frequency     B)It is the number of operations which can be simultaneously done by the microprocessor     C)It is the internal bus speed of the CPU     D)It is the frequency of the supplied clock pulse to the processor
46) A flip-flop is a binary cell capable of storing information of?(Finance Assistant for SC ST 2015)
A)One bit     B)Zero bit     C)Four bit     D)Eight bit
47) Which of the following is a Universal Gate ?(Finance Assistant for SC ST 2015)
A)AND     B)XNOR     C)NAND     D)OR
48) The term Gigabyte refers to?(Finance Assistant for SC ST 2015)
A)1024 Bytes     B)1024 Kilobytes     C)1024 Megabytes     D)1024 Terabytes
49)Which Layer is not present in TCP/IP model?(Finance Assistant for SC ST 2015)
A)Application Layer     B)Internal Layer    C)Transport Layer     D)Presentaion Layer
50) iRAM stands for (Finance Assistant for SC ST 2015)
A)Independent Random Access Memory     B)Integrated Random Access Memory     C)Interdependent Random Access Memory     D)Integrated Random Axis Memory
Kerala PSC IT(Information Technology) and Cyber Law Questions And Answers in Malayalam Part 1
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